Maharashtra Expansion Cabinet

Maharashtra Expansion Cabinet Has Been Delayed to December 30th 2019

Maharashtra expansion cabinet has been delayed to December 30th, One of the NCP leaders on this Monday said that Ajit Pawar might come back as deputy chief minister in the government under... Read more »
Citizenship Act Protest

Citizenship Act Protest: 16 killed in Uttar Pradesh and 31 Arrested in Just One District Check Complete Coverage

Protest against Citizenship Act is going worse day by day. Recently one news come that will shock you that in Delhi 16 peoples were arrested for violence in Daryaganj locality. They are... Read more »
Women Sue Harvey Weinstein

Women Sue Harvey Weinstein for Sexual Assault at 16, Rejects Group Settlement

Hollywood actor Mogul Harvey Weinstein whose age is 67 years. A woman alleges that he sexually assaulted her when she was 16 and filed a case against him on Thursday. She asked... Read more »

Tremors felt from Tashkent to Delhi as 6.3 Earthquake Jolts Afghanistan

Very bad news for Delhi NCR once again, it’s like the State is in it’s worst time as after every few months Delhi is on target before overcoming from these protests one... Read more »
manish sisodia

Delhi Deputy CM Mr. Manish Sisodia Slammed Kangana Ranaut by Telling Her Some Basic Knowledge of Economics

Kangana Ranaut remarks that only a few people in India pay tax while the rest are not paying. What about those who are dependent on them for which Delhi Deputy CM Mr... Read more »
protests against cab

One Dead In Firing As Protest Rock Lucknow Check The Complete Update

As the protest is going spreading in many regions of the country, it is a normal thing in India that if someone is protesting. So definitely, if steps are not taken strictly... Read more »
delhi metro stopped

Delhi Metro Closes 14 station Due to Protest Against Citizenship Amendment Act

As this protest has started Delhi people are facing many things, whether students or people doing jobs or are running their own businesses. Due to all this mess, one can not able... Read more »
delhi rape case

High Court Blocks Delhi Gang Rape Convicts Plea Slaps 25000 Fine on Lawyer

First, let me tell you that a 23-year-old paramedic student was gang-raped and brutally assaulted in South Delhi by six men and was thrown on the road, the girl died at a... Read more »
Citizenship Act

What Is Citizenship Act Find Everything About This New Law

Today we will discuss on Citizenship Act, there is something going on too bad on streets by the Muslim community related to providing citizenship to the Muslims from other countries come in... Read more »
miss world

Miss World 2019 Toni Ann Singh Check Everything You Should Know About Her

Toni Ann Singh was born in 1996 at Morant Bay, Jamaica. But she migrated to the United States when she was 9 years old. She loves to sing and also had a... Read more »