Maharashtra Expansion Cabinet

Maharashtra Expansion Cabinet Has Been Delayed to December 30th 2019

Maharashtra expansion cabinet has been delayed to December 30th, One of the NCP leaders on this Monday said that Ajit Pawar might come back as deputy chief minister in the government under... Read more »
manish sisodia

Delhi Deputy CM Mr. Manish Sisodia Slammed Kangana Ranaut by Telling Her Some Basic Knowledge of Economics

Kangana Ranaut remarks that only a few people in India pay tax while the rest are not paying. What about those who are dependent on them for which Delhi Deputy CM Mr... Read more »
protests against cab

One Dead In Firing As Protest Rock Lucknow Check The Complete Update

As the protest is going spreading in many regions of the country, it is a normal thing in India that if someone is protesting. So definitely, if steps are not taken strictly... Read more »