Delhi Deputy CM Mr. Manish Sisodia Slammed Kangana Ranaut by Telling Her Some Basic Knowledge of Economics

Kangana Ranaut remarks that only a few people in India pay tax while the rest are not paying. What about those who are dependent on them for which Delhi Deputy CM Mr Manish Sisodia Slammed Kangana Ranaut by telling her some basic knowledge of economics. Through FM in Delhi, it was explained after this that a daily wage earner had to pay indirect taxes to all the things you buy from any shop or eat food, order online the things of basic necessities.

Sisodia also tweeted  “Violence and damage to public property are wrong in every situation, it is against both humanity and law… But this country is not dependent on the tax of only 3 per cent of people. Every person in the country pays tax, from a daily wage worker, even a daily wage labourer to a billionaire.”

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Not only this she also starts a conversation about the citizenship act in a good way at the platform of her upcoming movie by saying “We’re still hooked to the pre-Independence era, where our country was under siege or bondage, and people had captured us by force or the gun. Going on strikes, shutting down the country or not paying taxes against those people was considered cool.”

Sisodia gave a very tremendous example that if a family is going to the theatre for a movie they are paying tax for entertainment too. So, who is dependent on whom? Kangana said that slamming the CAA across the country “What gives you the right to burn buses, trains and create ruckus in the country? A bus costs around Rs 70-80 lakh and that is not a small amount.” On this AAP’s Ajay Kumar talks about her that she is ill-informed they are just in an imaginary world besides trolling and backlash. And, at the end according to Sisodia, Kangana is uttering nonsense that she doesn’t have any idea of.

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