Maharashtra Expansion Cabinet Has Been Delayed to December 30th 2019

Maharashtra expansion cabinet has been delayed to December 30th, One of the NCP leaders on this Monday said that Ajit Pawar might come back as deputy chief minister in the government under Uddhav Thackeray. From the NCP sources we able to know that not a single leader of Congress party was seen in the meeting. Meanwhile, for this Uddhav Thackeray and Sharad Pawar NCP president continue their discussion for one hour at the Sahyadri Guest House.

When the question comes out about what the exact date for the cabinet expansion the NCP leader told “It is likely to happen on December 30. You know what? Ajit Pawar has the maximum number of chances because he is the nephew of NCP chief Sharad Pawar, one more thing Ajit Pawar had already ruled before for two truncated terms when the Congress-NCP was in power before 2014.

Maharashtra Expansion Cabinet update

However, we can say that they have played a good game as firstly they join hands with BJP and after winning they change their statement for what? just they want that this seat will provide to the person one of them. For this, the Sena, NCP and the Congress join hands to make a government together.

on 28th November fro the three parties six ministers apart from Uddhav were administered as the oat of office. And Sena leader, Home minister Shinde both said to “ABP Majha” to telecast news that CM will tell the information about this cabinet expansion. On that same day, NCP chief said: “We also are waiting when our colleagues will be invited to take the oath”. Pawar in an apparent jibe said that “We don’t have to go anywhere to seek anybody’s permission on which a senior leader of congress said that ministerial faces will decide this after discussion in Delhi. This is a very big slap over BJP!

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