Miss World 2019 Toni Ann Singh Check Everything You Should Know About Her

Toni Ann Singh was born in 1996 at Morant Bay, Jamaica. But she migrated to the United States when she was 9 years old. She loves to sing and also had a dream to pursue her carrier in singing, on this she said that ” I have been singing since I was very young. I sang in church with the children’s choir, and I’ve been classically trained since I was nine. I would say it’s a thing in my family because we all like to sing together. I even have an uncle on my mom’s side Prince Theo who does music a lot.

She had graduated in Psychology from Florida University and women studies. In Miss World, competition judges asked her a question that if you are chosen to be Miss Jamaica World, how would you use your crown to contribute positively to your society? In return, she replied ” With or without the Miss Jamaica World Crown, I would continue to advocate for women.

I believe women are the lifeblood inspiring them and working with them so they understand just how great their potential is. I will also use my compassion to be an excellent ambassador. I don’t really wake up and remember that I’m Miss Jamaica World until something happens or someone says something. I hope I’m going to be a representation of that fact you don’t have to be superhuman. You can be ordinary and still be worth a crown.

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Florida Association competition was the first pre-pageant activity and in Miss World Jamaica 2005 Terri was the judge who suggested Toni Ann Singh participate in the Miss World Jamaica. On this Toni, said that ” I had a platform working on, so I entered the Florida Caribbean Association pageant and Terri was one of the judges and she asked me if I would enter Miss Jamaica World and I decided to give it a try.” She gives all the winning credit to her parents and also said that this moment of happiness is so overwhelming. Toni Ann Singh is the 4th Jamaican who wins the title of Miss World after 1993, not any Jamaican got this title. 

After winning this Miss World Jamaica she has shared the moment writing an emotional note ” You pushed me to believe in myself. I am not only honoured but humbled to be the 69th Miss World. Thank you to my family and to my friends. The love and Support you poured into me now allows me to pour into the world.”

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