What Is Citizenship Act Find Everything About This New Law

Today we will discuss on Citizenship Act, there is something going on too bad on streets by the Muslim community related to providing citizenship to the Muslims from other countries come in India but it will affect the citizens of India that Indian Muslims are not thinking about this thing right now. It’s human nature that if he will not experience that bad thing he can’t stand against and the same thing is happening right now in society. 

Due to this if you are on-road or you are protesting or you are a student travelling to your college or school you will be impacted because there is simultaneous protest that is out in several parts of the country to stop those protest sec(144) has been imposed by the police in different states and in all of the states some are being beaten or arrested.

At the moment if we talk about Delhi several services whether it is Metro, Mobilephone or even Airlines has been impacted. Near about 50 metro stations have been shut down because the Government believes that no more people will enter the state and joining these protests. Not only this, but Airtel company also tweeted that “Voice SMS, data suspended in certain Delhi areas per instruction from the government authorities.”

what is Citizenship Act

The main thing for which these people are protesting is because Government recently passed a law that the people who are living in India after 2014 will not get citizenship especially Muslims. We all have heard the news a few months before that a family was killed in Bengal by Muslims even after that if we will give citizenship to them it might be your house to the next moment. So, just think about your family, friends, and relatives before supporting them.

Now, the protestors on roads are saying “Hum Bharat ke log hai.” Ramchandra Guha went to Karnataka then Bengaluru and protesting with the picture of Mahatama Gandhi in hand also talking bad about the constitution of India and for that he was detained by the police. In the morning around 10 O’ Clock when the borders of National Capital shut down as Delhi is along State on one side there is UP and on the other side Harayana, Gurgaon on both sides you will see police enforcement according to section(144) and telling people not to step out. Due to this, there is a massive traffic jam, it’s really a bad condition for our country right now. So, it’s better for all to be in-home and keep yourself safe!

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