Women Sue Harvey Weinstein for Sexual Assault at 16, Rejects Group Settlement

Hollywood actor Mogul Harvey Weinstein whose age is 67 years. A woman alleges that he sexually assaulted her when she was 16 and filed a case against him on Thursday. She asked him for settlement by giving her $25 million with dozens of women there but he rejected them and then Kajal Sokola. Therefore said that I am filing the case in my own name and now her age is 33.  Sokola has a clinic of psychologists and psychotherapists in Poland. In one of her statements, Sokola said that she originally included her case under a pseudonym as part of a 2018 class action suit against Weinstein, his companies and associates.

Last week Weinstein lawyer settled the case with the other alleged victim then she decides to suit the case in New York by her own name. Sokola said that Weinstein had given her fake promises when she moves to New York at 16 with a dream of becoming a model. She introduced to Weinstein in September 2002 then he invited her to dinner and want to help her in a modelling career.

Harvey Weinstein

“I know that this lawsuit cannot erase the pain that I have been living with for 17 years. But I do hope to achieve at least some measure of justice that has still been denied to Harvey Weinstein’s many victims,” she said.

Instead of taking her to any public place he takes her to his residence where he sexually abused her according to her allegations. Not only Sokola but he sexually abused 90 women in which the most famous actress Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Salma Hayek is also included. Weinstein had tried this so many times after that he has no guilty at all. In 2006 he forcibly performed oral sex with one girl also One of the women alleges that he raped her in 2013. Sokola said that she had to abandon her dreams after that incident and that was all because of Weinstein.

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